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Kansas Streak of Big 12 College Basketball Titles

After Kansas Jayhawks 87-68 victory over TCU, they were able to take a share of the Big 12 regular season title. Such a performance may never be seen again since the numbers surrounding it are so high. With no doubt, Jayhawks have been very dominant in the last thirty season, and below are ten stats to show and prove it.

Bill Self has won thirteen Big 12 titles consecutively, this is a very incredible performance considering only a few players have ever come close that and no player have ever matched that.
UCLA’s streak of 13 straight conference titles was made possible by different coaches. The first one was John Wooden who never won more than nine in a row, some people argues that he is the greatest winner in sports history. The other one is Coach K who has never won more than five straight, some people considers him as the greatest coach in any sport ever.

In the Big 12 during the Jayhawks’ 13-year conference title mark, there have been thirty-eight coaches who have coached against Kansas. The list includes icons such as Texas Tech and Bob Knight. Remember streak began when Jim Wooldridge was coaching Kansas State.
Like everyone knows, the Big 12 is predated by the Jayhawks’ streak. During the Kansas stretch, the following are the teams that had been in the conference, these are A&M, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado ( the last two departed in 2011). Kansas has constantly been winning even when the 14 teams have been in the conference.

During the Kansas 13-year run, there have been sixteen AP All-Americans (first, second and third team) who played against Kansas. Two years after Kevin Durant arrived at Texas is when Jayhawks’ streak began.

Kansas has had a total of two first-team All-Americans throughout its run. Wayne Simien in 2005 and Thomas Robinson in 2012.

During their 13-year conference championship streak, Kansas has lost while at home nine times, the nine losses are both in non-conference play and in Big 12. Now if you compare that to Baylor’s Scott Drew who only plays one game per annum in Lawrence and has lost nine times at Phog Allen Fieldhouse over  the last thirteen years.

During his run at Kansas, Bill Self has never lost to a Big 12 opponent in a home-and-home series. If you date back in 2000-2001, which was Bill Self first year at Illinois, he has never lost to anyone in both ends of a home-and-home.

The rest of the conference outside Kansas has won outright or shared a total of eight Big 12 regular season championships. In the other hand, Jayhawks’ have shared or won outright seventeen times since 1997 when the conference began. This is very impressive considering no other school has more than three.
Kansas has managed to win ten times against the top ten ranked teams during this 13-season streak. The ranking was done during the Big 12 tournaments and the regular season. Nine is the number of consecutive games Jayhawks have won against the top ten teams dating back in 2014-2015 season.
During its 13-year run atop the Big 12, Kansas has managed to have a total of fourteen first rounds picks. Fourteen is a lot comparing with other college basketball team who do not come close to that. For instance, since John Calipari arrived in Lexington just before the 2009-2010 season, the Kentucky team has had 21 first round picks.

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