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How Frank Mason became Kansas’ Leading Man

When I began to research about  Frank Mason,who is now the leading basketball player for Kansas, I learned so much more. He is an amazing point guard for the University of Kansas Jayhawks. He plays basketball with his own style, of scoring incredible points. He grew up in Petersburg, Virginia, but went on to college to hone his skills as a basketball player. He has earned several awards, like the All Big 12, World University Games, and for the Big 12- All Defensive team.

The significance of how he plays is full of promise, and his ability to score points is incredible! Frank mason is on fire! A few days ago, he rant toward KU’s Jeronne Howard, after a victory over Baylor University. He has an amazing record of 20.3 ppg., two steals, and 5 assists. He is so talented that the Jayhawks are third ranked, and are heading towards the goal of the national title. Even when the game seems rough, Frank Mason pounds across the basketball court, he creates an exciting game. The Jayhawks are 13-2 and continue to hoop-it-up. In the history of ESPN stats, they are saying that Frank Mason is the only player in the Big 12- to ever average 20 points and 5 assist. He has broke a record, and continues to possess the game of basketball. It seems that without Mason, the Kansas team, would continue to have turnovers, and don’t seem to be that effective without him.

Frank was lucky enough to shine on the international spectrum, in 2015 when the Jayhawks competed on behalf of the United States- when Frank received the Finalist MVP Award. The score that caused him to receive the achievement, was when he scored 18 points in Germany.

Mason does have a few issues, like he does not shoot very well- when he’s up in the air, or when he’s far away. His shot’s are better, when he has the opportunity to score on close up shots- on when he can score with shot-blockers. When his team supports him, and has the opportunity to score, he outstretches his arm and score big at the rim.

There are also other on the Jayhawks, that make the team shine with Frank Mason. There is DeVonte Graham, who is a great guard, but he is apologizing for his recent arrest for a traffic related warrant, shortly after the Jayhawks won the Big 12 Title. There is also Landon Lucas, who has a few off-court distractions, but he continues his talented contributions with a 7.6 PPG, a 8.3 RPG, and a 0.9 APG. There is also breakout star, Joel Embiid, who helped Kansas win last Friday.

Frank Mason is a pillar of strength for the Jayhawks. He is a great assist for his team, and he leads the way to victories. On Saturday, February 25, 2017, the Jayhawks are schedule to play Texas at the Frank Erwin Center. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, for a victory win for Frank Mason and the Jayhawks.

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