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Best Kansas Basketball Players Ever

Some of the best Kansas basketball players will never be forgotten. There are many factors that go into becoming one of the greats in the NBA. Team spirit, skill and hard work all are factors that can make an exceptional player.

Wilt Chamberlin had great success in the NBA. In 1955 Chamberlin became a player for the Kansas Jayhawks under the direction of coach Phog Allen. Chamberlin dominated other players from the beginning. Early in his playing career for the Jayhawks Chamberlin  scored 32 points and was able to grab over 50 rebounds.

In the 1957 semi-final games Chamberlin defeated San Francisco with little effort. This time Chamberlin scored 32 points with 11 rebounds. This was quite an accomplishment for any NBA player. Chamberlin earned a reputation for a tough but talented player. Chamberlin went on to have other great successes with other NBA teams.

Mario Chalmers was another talented NBA player. Chalmers was responsible for helping the team win the 2008 NCAA Championship with a 3 point shot in 1.3 seconds. This was the Jayhawks fifth national title. In 2008 Chalmers was named one of the most “Outstanding” players in the NBA.

Andrew Wiggins played for KU in 2013-2014. During his time with the Jayhawks Wiggins earned an average of 17.1 points and 5.9 rebounds a game. ESPN had taken a great interest in Wiggins basketball talents and conduct several interviews. In addition, Wiggins became a successful marketing tool for Jayhawks sports shirts and other accessories. Highlights from one of Wiggins Jayhawks games can been seen on line.

Danny Manning is now a retired National Basketball Association Player. He successfully won the National Championship with the Jayhawks in 1988. Manning holds a record in Kansas basketball history with 2,951 points. Manning was a Senior in 1988 when he lead the team to the National Championship. Manning was named the “Big Eight Player” of the decade while playing for the Jayhawks. Manning is respected for his skill as well as devotion to the NBA.

Jo Jo White played for the Jayhawks in the late 1960’s. White represented the US Mens Basketball Team at the 1968 summer Olympics. Jo Jo White may be considered one of the all time greats for his success while playing for the Jayhawks. Jo Jo White was one of the few players that openly expressed gratitude as well as thanks that he was able to become such an asset to the team.

Clyde Lovellette led the Jayhawks to a 1952 NCAA title. In addition, Lovellette also captured MVP honors. While playing for the Jayhawks Clyde Lovellette scored an NCAA record of 141 points. Without a doubt Lovellette was an Two-Team First Time All American. Lovellette was teamates with Dean Smith. Lovellette lead the tema in scoring and winning the NCAA title all within the same year.

Nick Collison went to two final hours while playing for the Jayhawks. Nick Collison helped the Jayhawks reach two consecutive final hours first in 2003 then in 2003. Due to his outstanding achievements as a player Collison was named “Player of The Year” in 2003. Collison player center while with the Jayhawks.

Raef La Frentz was drafted in 1998. La Frentz was successful in leading the Jayhawks to a 35-4 record. La Frentz was named one of the all time “Greats” for the Jayhawks. Raef La Frentz played for the Jayhawks from 1994-1998. La Frentz averaged 19.8 points as well as 11.4 rebounds per game. During his time with the Jayhawks the team posted a 123-17 record. The 123-7 record could not have been possible with out La Frentz.

A great deal goes into becoming a recognized great basketball player. Having a positive attitude along with utilizing a natural talent can take a player a long way in the NBA.

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